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VMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Wed, 08/28/2013

VMA Meeting August 28, 2013


WELCOME : Donna Martley Co-VMA President
Linda Cable Co-VMA President

Welcome to our VMA Meeting
Introduction to VMA & Choir Program 2013 – 2014


National Champion Showchoirs Hit the Stage!



The first performances by our National Champion Showchoirs are coming up very quickly now,  October 11-13!


At Warner Brothers with Jason Derulo


The lovely folks at the Warner Brothers Summer Series invited the JBHS choirs to see Jason Derulo in concert on the Friday before school started. Everybody had a great time!

Costume Plots for Burroughs on Broadway

You probably received an email from your Choir Mamas about costumes for BoB, but we thought we would put all the information in one place for you to view or download. All four Costume Plots are listed on the left in Downloads, but you can also get yours by clicking in the correct link below:

Cleaning Day Was Fun!

Did you get to help with cleaning the Choir Room area? Or putting it back together? I hope you did, but if you were only at the second day or couldn't join us, here are some great photos of the fun we had--no really!--getting everything out and cleaning everything off before they waxed the floors:

See those trophies? You will be hearing more about them at Alumni Pop Show, August 24 and 25!